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Boat Dock on Flathead LakeTo all our friends in Lake and Flathead counties, we are the premier company to assist you with your floating dock maintenance. Troy Anderson of TA Marine Services has been installing and servicing docks on Montana Lakes for many years. We know these waters.  We have the experience needed and provide quality service. Our focus is on quality workmanship.

If you enjoy summers on Swan, Ashley and McGregor lakes you know the rush involved in installing your docks in the spring. You know the hassle of removing them in the fall, because it is often a time consuming and costly job. We can install your docks before you arrive for the season so you can relax. Spring customers will automatically be on our list for fall removal, so scheduling is a breeze.

Our years of experience will be of great value to you. It is important to keep a close eye on weather conditions and the water table, ensuring your dock is installed and removed when it is safe to do so. We safely secure or anchor your dock. We have probably preformed repeated service for some of your neighbors. Let us know if you would like a reference because we have many happy customers. Our price point is competitive It is often the most cost-effective option in your area. We also perform a number of other services in your area, take a look at our diver services page.

Professional DIVER ON Flathead Lake.

TA Marine Services maintains and repairs floating docks on Flathead Lake. We are involved in all aspects of floating dock repair and maintenance.

Troy Anderson of TA Marine does underwater exploration, dock repair, and dock maintenance. We specialize in floating dock repair and maintenance.